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Usage Questions

Q: How does this service work?
A: The service is simple yet very effective. It downloads the page you specify, analyzes its HTML code, and then reports all hidden content so that you can easily spot parasites. The service specifically pays attention to external references such as external links, iframes, and javascripts. The web page is considered infected if there are hidden external references or links to known spammy sites.
Q: How accurate is this service?

A: This service is not 100% accurate. Only site owners can tell whether the hidden content is really unwanted or not. However, this service will provide some valuable information to help site owners make a knowledgeable decision on whether or not the webpage is clear.

Q: Which pages on my site should I check?
A: Parasites usually infect web site templates, thus every new web page automatically gets infected. It's a good idea to check at least your home page and one of the recently added pages/posts.
Q: Can I check my site without your service?
A: Sure. Load the desired web page in your web browser and then choose "View Source" (in Firefox you can press Ctrl+U). Then check the HTML code for suspicious content. If you are using Firefox with the Web Developer toolbar you can use its "Miscellaneous/Show Hidden Elements" command. Just make sure you are using a modern browser with all security updates to minimize the risk of being infected in case the page contains some harmful code. Or use this service if you don't want to expose your computer to possible threats.
Q: Do I need to know HTML to locate parasites?
A: No. If you use the Unmask Parasites service, you will see a verdict in plain English: "suspicious" or "clear". Then, in the detailed report, you will see all the suspicious items. For example, if your site is a school blog and, in the report, you see a link that says "Free viagra without a perscription", then your webmaster should definitely start the disinfection process.
Q: How can I be sure it is safe to use your service?
A: This service is 100% safe. It doesn't require that you install anything on your computer or on your web server. It just downloads web pages and analyzes their HTML code to unmask hidden content.
Q: Isn't your service a good tool for hackers to find web sites with compromised security?
A: Don't worry about it. Hackers already have much more sophisticated and 100% automated tools to find compromised sites and break into them. The Unmask Parasites site is one of the least suitable tools for hackers. This service just doesn't provide enough information for them, and it was deliberately created to make it almost impossible to automate. This service is only good for legitimate site owners who don't want to share their sites with parasites.
Q: Well, I checked my site and the verdict was "clear". Is my site safe?
A: Congratulations! The Unmask Parasites service didn't find any known threats. However, don't forget that the test is not 100% accurate, and hackers constantly invent new tricks to hide their illicit content. Try alternative tests and tools.

Even if your site is clear today, be prepared for the fact that hackers will likely want to break into it some day. Regularly check your web pages and make reasonable efforts to keep your site secure.

Q: Sometimes, Unmask Parasites can't detect malicious content on sites that Google considers suspicious. Why?
A: This can happen due to the following reasons:
  1. Unmask Parasites can't detect this sort of malware.
  2. The website no longer contains malware, but Google isn't aware of it yet.
  3. The website doesn't contain malware, Google is aware of it, but it takes time to unblock your site.
Q: I checked my site, and the verdict was "suspicious". What do I do now?
A: Don't panic. Check if the highlighted items are really illicit. Double check the HTML code of the web pages. Try to identify how your site was infected and how to remove the malicious code. Once you remove the parasites, make reasonable efforts to keep your site secure.
Q: I hate spammers too. How can I help you?
A: Thanks. I would appreciate if you share your knowledge about various techniques that hackers and spammers use to exploit web sites. This knowledge will help me improve the service and provide users with valuable information on how to keep their sites safe.
Q: I'm not a security specialist, but I still want to help.
A: Any help is welcome. First of all, I need your feedback to improve this service.

Spread the word about this site. Blog about it or just link to http://unmask.sucuri.net
The more people that care about web site security, and the easier it is for site owners to check their web pages, the less chance hackers will succeed.

Consider helping your friends. Check their web sites, and if they happen to be infected, let them know.

And I need someone to proof-read this site. Let me know if you spot a typo or can suggest better wording.

Thank you!

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